Walk, Talk, Create and Other Literacy Art in the Environment Activities


Our inspiring environmental art and writing workshops for schools.

Our projects include creative conversations about the environment and sustainability. We aim to create a relationship between story, imagination and the environment.

Activities for KS1 and 2

Walk, Talk, Create is an imaginative, interactive walk through a landscape – each stop is an activity and a surprise as we find out what an Oak Tree has to say or discover the myth of a visiting bird. Make bark rubbings, write what you see, hear and feel and make a giant group poem all about life. At the end of the trail, you can create an original artwork, your response to the walk.

Miniature Gardens and the Magic of Seeds

Listen to the mythical story of the battle between the Goddess of Living Things in her Sky Garden who disapproves of the way the Wolf God of the Underworld makes children and leaves them in doorways and on hillsides to be found. The Goddess believes she knows the best way to grow children – from seed. This interactive story explores the cycle of life. Children make their own miniature gardens – recreating the world of the Sky Garden or the Underworld.

Writing the Landscape

Because the landscape is the background and the setting of our lives, it is also the inspiration for stories. We use activities and drama to inspire children to write outside. What happens if trees come to life? What would we do if the dinosaurs returned? And if insects grew to the size of a house?

As we write groups poems, text, script and monologues we collate everything together and create our own handmade books because we believe it’s one of the best ways to celebrate the natural world around us.