Tree Shoe

Once upon a time, there was a boy and his dad. His dad told him to chop down a tree.  When he got to the forest the boy chopped the tree down and found a shoe in the trunk of the tree.  The tree told him to take the shoe and he would be able to time travel. The forest darkened. The boy took the shoe and put it on and the tree was right, he time-travelled back to dinosaur times.  

There was a T-Rex and a Triceratops and many more.  He had fun riding on the backs of the T-rex nd flying with the Pterodactyls. Then he went into the future, the boy was surprised, he thought that he could only go back in time.  The cars were floating, and the scooters were hovering, and the pets were robots. After the fun the boy went back home after his adventure. He was tired so he went to bed and dreamt about what he would do the next day.

One morning, I was sat in my new shoes. And I jumped and I fell through the world – agh! 

And I hit the moon. BOOM! I can just about see some rocks, and I can see the sizzling sun, asteroids and massive stars.