The Lucky Shoe

My new shoes are different.  When I was little, I had soft kid shoes with a flat bottom.  As I am now considered a young lady, I am in possession

of a beautiful pair of high heeled white shoes. I don’t like them though.

I find them much too high. They also make me feel too important. I have a 

very rich family with an entire house full of servants. I am very fond of the little nursery maid, Maggie. I know Maggie’s family is very poor that her mother was Ill so one day I found Maggie and gave the shoes to her. 

‘I want you to have these.’ I told her. ‘I don’t care what you do with them.’

‘Thank you, Miss Lucy,’ Maggie said close to tears. ‘You are really helping me.’

‘Of course,’ I answered.

When Maggie went to bed, she did not try them on. I noted that she felt along the wall and found a loose brick.  ‘I hope this shoe gives me luck,’ Maggie thought as she placed the shoe into the wall.