The Lucky Boot

Daisy was at the shoe shop and she got a new pair of shoes. They were white boots.  That night her mother read her a story. Once upon a time there was a girl and for good luck, she put her shoe in the wall, and as soon as you knew it, she was asleep.  

The next day the girl wanted some luck because she was poor so she found the most visible place in the room and got her dad’s tool box and got the hammer and made a hole in the wall and placed one of her new white boots in the wall. ‘Mother, I put my new boot in the wall,’ 

‘Oh Daisy, thank you, why did I not think of that.’

‘Come, come see the shoe.’ But when they got there the shoe was nowhere to be seen so they dug into the wall until they found it. And ever since then they have had luck, such as money, a house instead of a shed and new beds.