A Tail of Two Foxes – How We Live Now

A Tail of Two Foxes – How We Live Now is the Flying Shop’s latest flight between Year 3 children at Lakenham Primary School in Norwich and Barnham Broom Primary School 11 miles outside the city.  The children explored what it is to live in a rural and urban environment today. They listened to the imagined argument between a city and country fox inspired by Aesop’s fable about the Town and Country Mouse.

The children observed the micro and the macro, fixed on what caught their attention, and fired their imaginations. They worked first with writer, Belona Greenwood and then with artist Kate Munro. Like the city and country foxes, the children roamed around the idea of what it would be like to live somewhere else a what characterized living in the country and in the town? But the project did more, it really uncovered how the children live and what they feel about their lives.

A group of Lakenham Year 3 pupils visited Year 3 children at Barnham Broom Primary School as part of the programme and together the children created the characters, storylined and fed into one giant story. You can read it here.

City Poem 1

City Poem 2

City Poem 5

Country Life

I See

In Barnham Broom