Story Shoes at Freethorpe School

This creative shoe adventure was part of a Heritage School’s project produced by Roxanne Matthews and the Freelance Creative at Freethorpe Primary School.  It is about looking upon or touching an object from the past and using it to inspire stories and artwork by Year 4 & 3, and Year 5.  

The Flying Shop of Imagination landed at Freethorpe Primary School on the back of a chill late winter wind armed with a story about a shoe found in the wall of a local almshouse.  We made a book of shoe stories. Here are just a few from Year 3 & 4.

Bel Greenwood and Kate Munro 

February 2019

Click on the links to read some of their fabulous writing.

Dancing Shoes

The Lucky Shoe

The Lucky Boot

My Shoes

Tree Shoe

Our Shoes Are