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Our new book Adventures In Creative Writing is now for sale!

An exciting collection of creative activities and exercises that encourages children through oral prompts, visual arts and dramatic challenges to inspire children’s writing, giving them not only the freedom to imagine, but also the tools and motivation to take the next step, from imagining to

The book’s six sections group the activities by type, enabling teachers, home educators and parents to plan ahead easily and to address diverse learning goals.

There are activities for Key Stages 1 through 4 – for each activity, the appropriate Key Stages are clearly marked.

The book’s focus on imagination and creativity has huge potential benefits. As educationalist Sir Ken Robinson said in 2016, ‘If you have a more dynamic approach to teaching and learning, if you promote links between disciplines, if you set creative questions for kids to explore, if you engage their curiosity, if you nurture their imaginations – they become more fully involved and excited about learning and their achievement levels go up.’ The Flying Shop of Imagination enables teachers
and parents to harness this spirit of achievement through creativity, to dispel children’s inhibitions, to boost their learning, and to equip them to explore the world in new ways.



• Inspire, imagine, invent (short, quick-fire warm-up activities)
• Hunting and gathering words (wordassociation games, alphabets and shopping lists)
• Something needs to happen (building story games and inspiring invention)
• Mapping with words (observational writing: time and place, poetry and journeys)
• Creating characters and telling stories (character is action and action is character)
• Story worlds (mood boards and talking landscapes)


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