My Shoes

I am sitting on my sofa in my living room staring at my new shoes then my sister, Lily said, ‘can we go on the trampoline so I can try on your new shoes?’ I hesitated for a minute or two then said, ‘ok.’ We rushed to the trampoline and started bouncing. Then Lily said, ‘I’m going to kick as hard as I can.’ Then the show flew off and landed on the roof of my house. I screamed, ‘mum, dad Lily accidentally kicked my shoe onto the roof.’ Lily said she was sorry, and dad got the ladder out and flung it against the wall.  Then he fell, the wind pricked up and blew him off and onto the trampoline. And he bounced over the wall and he had the shoe in his hand, but he was all tangled up in the stinging nettles. So we got him out and cleaned him up and gave him a drink and a very big hug.