Fabulous Feedback for The Miracle Egg

The Miracle Egg, an original eco fable for families received some wonderful feedback from its audiences.

‘Wonderful performance – lovely story, beautiful setting and a magical day.’

‘A beautiful tale powerfully told.’

‘The Miracle Egg’ makes a timely and a serious point about humanity’s consumption of the natural world – symbolised by Ben Elder’s ravenous Collector – in opposition to Saffron Harrington’s angelic BirdGirl, who symbolises the free, communal spirit of nature. If that sounds a bit heavy, the Flying Shop of Imagination’s production uses inventive choreography, songs and sometimes laugh-out-loud humour to put the play’s message across. In the performance I saw, the children in the audience were absolutely transfixed, so I’d certainly like to see ‘The Miracle Egg’ taken to the next level with a full production and regional tour. Recommended.’

Written by Belona Greenwood, directed by Steven Carne and starring Ben Elder and Saffron Harrington with music from Jonathan Lambert had two pilot performances in June.

The play was commissioned by The Norfolk and Suffolk Broads Authority. IT is the story of an extraordinary girl born from an egg in a sea eagle’s nest and her adventures in a world of birds. Her world couldn’t be more perfect until the Collector spots her and wants her for hic collection. This play is suitable for everyone 6 and above.

The production is a collaboration between Belona and The Flying Shop of Imagination and Theatricx . We are developing it further and are planning a tour.

We are hugely grateful to Kate Munro for a wonderful egg. Carol Sharp for hosting us at Black Barn in the beautiful meadow and all the volunteers who came along to help. Jez Pike of Norwich Theatres, Sascha Goslin, creative producer, Rob Fairclough for the fantastic photos, Mary Hunt and The Seagull Theatre and The Norfolk and Suffolk Broads Authority for commissioning the play from a short story.