The Labyrinth of Lost Letters

The Art of Letter-Writing

The Labyrinth of Lost Letters explored the importance of letters, the physical pleasures of writing, and the aesthetic beauty of handwriting.  It poked about in a labyrinth of letters curated by a postman who provided a home for letters that couldn’t find a delivery address.

Year 5s were invited to write letters to the Time Travellers and they were brilliant correspondents. The Time Travellers wrote back and a written conversation began.

The Flying Shop of Imagination held workshops in the school and at the library. Then it was time for nearly fifty Year 5 children to meet the Time Travellers Group at the Millennium Library. It was a brilliant morning as the children looked for the author of the personal letter they had received.  They wrote, painted and created together, old and young with plenty of tea, cake and fruit juice.

The pupils and Time Travellers continue to write to each other.

‘The letter writing activity that children participated in really did capture the children’s imagination and they produced excellent writing. What I really loved to see was the way that every child was validated despite ability – it has honestly been wonderful.’

Ella Barnes, Teacher, Lakenham Primary School, Norwich.

A Page from the Postman

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