The Flying Shop of Imagination is a collaboration between writer Belona Greenwood, and artist Kate Munro.

Our Story

I had never met anyone like Kate who was so in love with colour that everything she touched flared blue, or red and orange. We met on a project in a school in Great Yarmouth in Norfolk. I wanted nothing more than for children to write and Kate wanted nothing more than for the children to create smashing art and we immediately hit it off.

I discovered that Kate not only has bright red teapots in her sun-yellow kitchen, but she is also a champion snow sculptor and was part of the UK snow carving team, winning medals in Lapland, Siberia, China and Japan. Talk about liking cold places! She loves making things with people of all ages 0-100.

Me, instead, all I wanted to do when I was a child was to travel from Tibet to Thailand, from Russia to Romania so I became a journalist and worked in many different countries. Eventually, I came home to bring up my daughter and lived on a wild moor with long-haired cattle and clever sheep who held maps in their heads. I remembered how important it was to be able to play with words, and make up stories, to discover the brilliant adventure of imagination. I wanted to work with children and so after a traipse around the country I ended up in East Anglia and we met in that school on the flat coast of Norfolk.

We decided we wanted to work together, mixing up words and art in exciting and bold ways, and created The Flying Shop of Imagination. We asked the mighty Anna Brett to help us to organise our project and find funding which she did.

Our first projects were in schools or the community and you can see some of our projects in schools here.

These days we are still offering bespoke projects in schools, but we are also working online. See what we have to offer here. And you can subscribe to Storybird our monthly magazine featuring some of the best of your work.